Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Acai Berries in the News: What’s being said?

If you haven’t heard of the new health food sensation yet, then you’ve definitely not been paying attention to the news. Acai berries (pronounced AH-saa-ee), naturally occurring in the Brazilian rainforest, are the latest fad to take the ever-sensitive health food and dietary supplements market by storm. And everyone’s talking about them! All the big news channels in the United States, and lifestyle shows like The Oprah Winfrey Show have all been taken up by the potential of the berry from South America.

It’s important to remember though, that none of these channels or personalities are endorsing acai berry products. While the berry has been featured on tv shows and the news, this has been primarily to showcase its beneficial properties when consumed in its natural form, as one among many other fruits and vegetables with similar anti-oxidant or other properties. The problem with having information easily accessible on the internet is that it is easy enough to twist someone’s words into something else entirely, and use this as a marketing tool to promote a product by playing on customers’ anxieties.

Also significant is the fact that none of these shows or news reports have verified or looked into the hundreds of websites offering 100% genuine, authentic acai berries and related products. There are a number of websites that are purveying the genuine article, but there are also lots of sham websites whose only goal is to manipulate the unsuspecting customer to make a quick buck. It’s easy enough to spot the difference, but in case you feel doubtful or hesitant at all about the website’s claims, then it’s safer not to give your credit card details outright. The good thing is that many websites selling acai berry products offer free trial packages.

So, while there are some websites that would have you believe that their products are endorsed by Oprah, Dr Oz, the University of Florida, or whoever, it’s best to purchase acai berries in an experimental state of mind first, so you can figure out how your body takes to them, or indeed, whether you like them at all.

After all, there are plenty of fruits and vegetables in the market that offer similar properties, including anti-ageing, antioxidant properties, increasing your metabolic rate, improving skin tone and everything else you could possibly imagine. Radically increasing your intake of one particular berry isn’t going to be the magic wand that changes the way you look or feel immediately. Healthy living takes a lot of work, and one dose of acai berries and acai berry related products is not going to be enough!

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