Monday, February 8, 2010

Beware: Acai Berry scams to watch out for!

While acai berries themselves may be beneficial and do all the things they claim to, there are a number of people on the internet who are milking the confusion and uncertainty surrounding them in order to make some money. The thing to do is be smart, be wary of impossible sounding schemes and you might just be able to weather the acai berry phenomenon without losing sleep through excessive stress and worry.

Many websites selling acai berry products offer free trials of their products. Now this in itself ought to make you suspicious. With the kind of media coverage this little fruit has been getting, why would any company want to offer potentially hundreds of people free samples of their products? That’s right, it’s a scam. Many people have complained about being billed for acai berry products they hadn’t actually ordered, after having signed up for a free trial. Always remember to read the fine print! You might miraculously get the products for free, but the shipping charges will most certainly be billed to you.

Another common scam is a franchisee scheme, involving an acai berry product manufacturer who offers great deals for potential franchisees, but requires a large down payment. This is something to immediately put you on your guard. There ought not to be a large down payment on the right to distribute the products because this is usually incorporated into the amount of your first order with the company. The fact that you need to pay before you purchase any products for further distribution should be a sign that all is not as it seems!

The key point to remember is never give out your credit card details on the internet indiscriminately. Always verify the company’s credibility before you commit to anything. Many companies have run fraudulent schemes, and then shut down and disappeared and their customers have lost money for nothing. And in any case, giving a company your credit card details is a decision you have to make after checking every possible loophole, and making sure that it is a legitimate organization.

There are many standards organizations whose ratings are to be trusted and whose approval generally indicates a company’s legitimacy. Registered trademarks are also a good sign that a company isn’t just a here today, gone tomorrow sort of affair. These are organizations that aim to protect consumers from exploitation, so it’s a good idea to read up on possible rating organizations and seals or stamps you can look for, before you decide on purchasing a product from any website.

Acai berries in themselves are good for you! You , as a consumer, just need to be aware that there are people willing to exploit all the current media attention to their own ends.

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