Sunday, February 28, 2010

How do Acai Berries fare in the weight loss products parade?

Acai berries are merely the latest weight loss aid in a long list of products that claim to cleanse, detox and aid in quick weight loss. Most of them inhabit the shadowy region between being accepted and approved of by the medical fraternity and being thoroughly disapproved of and rejected. The reason for this is simple: the best way to lose weight is to do it the natural way, by eating right and doing lots of exercise. Eating right doesn’t mean limiting your intake of sweet things or cutting our carbs completely. Far from taking drastic measures, all a healthy diet needs is balance. And nobody ever lost weight from just sitting still and popping pills! An active lifestyle is necessary in order to lose excess weight and maintain an ideal weight once you reach it.

However, acai berries do have certain advantages over other weight loss products currently on the market since they’re available in their natural form in large quantities, and are definitely good for you in many other ways besides being ostensibly a metabolism booster.

Acai berries are also said to have long-lasting effects, since their natural form is an addition to a healthy diet rather than an expensive synthetic supplement that suppresses appetite These artificial means have only short-term benefits, while acai berries have multiple effects besides just weight loss, which guarantee that they will benefit your overall health. They have antioxidant properties, they’re considered to enhance metabolism, skintone and improve sleep patterns.

Colon cleansers, diet pills and the like are largely artificial in make and usually work on the principle of appetite suppression. This is an artificial effect, and only lasts so long as you keep taking the pills. Acai berries, on the other hand, can be incorporated easily into your diet – look at the number of acai berry recipes available – and are a rich source of essential nutrients and minerals in the same way that apples or grapes or bananas are good for you.

Acai berries have been used by Brazilians for centuries as part of their diet. What other verification can we need? While it is a bit optimistic to tout acai berries as a wonder element in weight loss programs, they’re definitely a good addition to your diet in any case because of their positive health benefits. Any weight loss you might experience is an added plus!

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